Monday, November 30, 2009

Mailbox Monday

My list of mail freebies:

1. Gameinformer magazine (We got this free from Gamestop when we reserved a game.)
2. 2 Different Forbes magazines (no longer available.)
3. Shape magazine (no longer available.)
4. Coupons and recipies from Bridgford. (You can sign up here.)
5. 4.00 coupon for Iams dog food. (This came from P&G. You can sign up here.)
6. Free sample and coupon of Oregon tea (no longer available.)
7. Free sample of Olay Body Wash (sign up here for yours.)
8. Coupon for a free box of Little Debbie cupcakes (for being a facebook fan, no longer available.)
9. Free sample of Kashi trail mix bar. (availble here.)
10. Free jar opener and lots of Del Monte coupons from Vocalpoint. (Sign up here.)

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A Frugal Friend said...

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful holiday it freezing in Chicago?? It's only 50ish here in Dallas, but I'm freezing even with the heater on. HaHa

Don't you love the jar opener from VocalPoint (and coupons of course)....I'm always using it since my arms seem to have no strength. HaHa

tds said...

Welcome to Mailbox Monday! A college student on one income?!? I applaud you & keep it up!

mellisarock said...

That Kashi Trail Mix bar sounds awesome-- I signed up but haven't got mine sounds like I want to eat yours. Happy Mailbox Monday!