Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tuesday WAGS Trip

Yes, my stuff is still in the cart. Both the kitchen table and counter were covered, so I just took it in the cart.

From this trip:
Items : 9
Regular Price: 25.91
OOP: 13.31
Savings: 49%
RR Left: 10.00

This Month:
Items : 65
Regular Price: 130.98
OOP: 55.00
Savings: 58%
RR Left: 10.00

YAY!!! I love it! I will be taking full advantage of the Listerine deal this week!!

Tuesday CVS Trip

From this trip:
Items : 16
Regular Price: 59.05
OOP: 7.66
Savings: 87%
ECB Left: 15.98

This Month:
Items : 76
Regular Price: 215.35
OOP: 60.75
Savings: 72%
ECB Left: 15.98

Check out this week's CVS deals here!

Monday WAGS Trip

From this trip:
Items : 25
Regular Price: 59.58
OOP: 19.40
Savings: 67%
RR Left: 4.00

This Month:
Items : 56
Regular Price: 105.07
OOP: 41.69
Savings: 60%
RR Left: 4.00

NOT BAD! I went on Monday, took this picture on Monday, and started this post on Monday. But now it's Thursday and I never finished it until now, soooo check out all of this week's deals here. (Since I'm now being lazy)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

17 Money Saving E-Books for Only $17

I thought I'd take this moment to let you know about a great offer from our friends at and Many of you are familiar with Crystal, Tawra and Jill's money saving, get-out-of-debt, frugal living and homemaking tips.

Well, they have just contacted me to let me know that with the rise in the price of groceries, they have decided to team up to offer you their two grocery savings e-courses along with a huge pile of bonus items. Even better, they are offering this Savin' O The Green 17 e-book package to our readers for $17, a substantial discount off of the regular price of $75 for these e-books.

The e-books that are included in this offer are:

Supermarket Savings 101 eCourse with audio downloads
Grocery Shopping On A Budget eCourse
Money Saving Meats e-book
Saving On Cleaning Supplies e-book
Eating Healthy On A Budget e-booklet
Is Eating Out Eating You Up? e-book
224 Meals In A Hurry e-book
Grocery Savings e-book
Menus That Make Cents e-book
Plan Ahead Leftovers e-book
Quick Dinners e-book
Menu Planning Made Easy
Simply Centsible Breakfasts
Simply Centsible Suppers
Kids Recipes
Menus On A Dime
470 Crockpot Recipes

For more information on this exciting offer, go here.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


You may have noticed the Swagbucks banner I added to my blog. First I want to say, I really don't want to overload my blog with buttons, banners, and advertisements. There's nothing wrong with any of these things, but personally, I find it a little distracting. There I am reading someone's blog and all of a sudden the banners and switching and ads and moving around and then I don't remember which part I was at. I know that you can earn money blogging by having ads and other things, and I don't want to offend anyone who has banners and buttong on their blogs, I just want to keep mine mostly banner free.

That being said, I added the Swagbucks banner to my blog. I have heard about awagbucks from various different people and blogs, but never really got around to checking it out. Now, I really wish I had sooner! Swagbucks os basically just another search engine (like Google) that rewards you for searching. For signing up, you get three swagbucks to start with. Then through searching the internet, you will randomly get awarded swagbucks. At first, I thought it would really not be worth it, but it a little over a week I earned 65 Swagbucks. You use your Swagbucks to buy items from the Swag store. They have a 5.00 Amazon gift card for only 45 Swagbucks. the best part is, once you sign up, tell your friends about it. When a friend signs up through you, you will earn one swagbuck for EVERY swagbuck they earn! Get started and sign up here today!

How To Shop

How to shop? Sounds funny, huh? What I mean is how to coupon. When I started this blog, I was just excited to track my own shopping expenses and watch how much I could get for how little. I figured that as I got better at finding deals, my cost of shopping would go way down. And it has! What I didn't realize when I started blogging was how much I would enjoy it. I love reading other blogs, and I really do like posting on this one, it just doesn't happen all the time. I had hoped that by the time I figured out how to get the best deals at every store, that I would sit and write a how to post (like How to CVS.) I think at this point, I have figured out what works best for me and I am able to explain it okay to others, but I don't think I would really get the point across. So, I know some of you are just starting your own frugal journey or maybe you have been for a while already, but I would like to link you to Hip2Save's how to posts. I think she does a wonderful job explaining how to get the deals to work for you.

How to Shop CVS here
How to Shop Walgreens here and then here

March Grocery Savings

Here is the one major grocery trip we have made so far in March. the new ad for Jewel just started today, so I am hoping to go over it and get some Jewel deals posted. I just wanted to say that the cheese deal I did last week is still going on, but just until Sunday, March 15th. You can get 7 bags or bricks of Kraft cheese for just 1.00 after OYNO coupons. Check out all the details at Mummy Deal's post here. BTW, somehow I did this deal wrong and ended up paying 4.00 for 7 bags of cheese. If you're worried about buying more than you think you will use, remember: bags of cheese freeze really well. And in whatever shape you need to get them all into the freezer. I did the cheese deal twice, then bought the rest of my groceries using the 2 10.00 OYNO Qs.
My Jewel totals for March so far:
Items : 30
Regular Price: 110.22
OOP: 31.07
Savings: 72%

*Although I am supossed to be done shopping this week, I will be making one small trip tonight for cabbage and red potatoes. They just went on sale today and since Brian is 100% Irish, corned beef and cabbage is a nessecity for St. Patrick's Day!*

*UPDATE:* Kraft cheese deal should be working until 3/22. Thanks, Mummy Deals!

March WAGS Savings

Again, there are two pictures because I went twice. The first pic is from last week's deals and the second from this week's deals. There are some great deals going on this week and this month for you to get!
My WAGS totals for March so far:
Items : 31
Regular Price: 99.49
OOP: 22.29
Savings: 78%
RR Left: 4.00

Great Weekly Deals:
Garnier Fructis Hair Care 2.99 (use 2.00 ESQ and 1.00 Q from 2/8 or 3/8) = FREE
Smart Balance Tubs BOGO @ 2.99 (use 1.00/2 from 2/1) = 1.00 each
Coffeemate BOGO @ 2.49 (use 2 1.00 from here) = 2 for .49
Glade Sense and Spray or Lasting Impressions 7.99 (use 4.00 ESQ -this will take off 8.00- and the BOGO Q here or here and the 3.00 or 4.00 Q from 2/8) = 4.00 profit!
Right Guard or Dry Idea Deodorant 2.99 with 2.00 RR = .99
Gillette Fusion Gamer Razor 8.99 with 4.00 RR (use 4.00 Q from 2/8) = .99
Red Baron Pizza 2/5.00 (use 1.00/2 Q from 3/1) = 2.00 per pizza

Buy three packs of Huggies at 10.00 each, use 3 5.00 Q from here.
Pay 15.00 OOP, and get back 10.00 RR
For more info on this deal, check out Coupon Geek's post here.
As I don't buy diapers, I tend to over look the great deals, but this one seems to be a really amazing deal. I thought it would be better explained by someone who does buy diapers.

These are not all of the deals, just the ones I think are great. You can find more listed here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March CVS Savings

Sorry for the multiple pictures, but it was three separate shopping trips and I had hoped to be back and posting in between trips. So... My CVS totals for March so far:
Items : 60
Regular Price: 156.30
OOP: 53.09
Savings: 68%
ECB Left: 14.99

Not bad! The first two pictures are from last week's ad, but the monthly deals can still be done. And the last picture is from Monday, so all of those are still possible.

Great deals this week:
Palmolive dish soap 1.49 with 1.00 ECB (haven't found any Qs yet) = .49 LIMIT 2
Vasaline lotion 3.69 with 2.00 ECB (use the 1.50 Q from 1/18 or the 1.25 Q from 3/8) = .19 or .44 LIMIT 5
Secret Flawless 3.99 with 1.00 ECB (use the 2.00 Q from 2/22) = .99 LIMIT 1
Crest Pro Health 2.99 with 2.00 ECB (use 1.00 Q from 2/8 or .75 Q from 3/1) = FREE or .24 LIMIT 1
Schick Quattro 8.99 with 5.00 ECB (use 2.00 Q from 2/8) = 1.99 LIMIT 1
Blade Energy Drinks 2/3.00 (use 2.00/2 Q from Tear pad at CVS) = .50 each
Renuzit Tri Scents 4.99 (use 4.00 Q from 2/22) = .99
Zone Perfect Bars 1.00 (use 1.00 Q from 3/1) = FREE
This is not all of them, just the ones I think are great. You can check out more here.

Great deals this month:
CVS Vitamin D 2.99 with 2.99 ECB = FREE LIMIT 1
Sure Deoderant 2.99 with 2.00 ECB WYB 2 (use 2 1.00 Qs from 1/10 or here or use .75 Q from 3/1) = 2/1.98 or 2/2.48 LIMIT 2 (meaning you can buy 4)
I also did the 2.00 ECB for Always Infinity, but only because I had a free product Q
You can find more monthly delas here.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March Update

Hello again. Well, I think I wasn't quite ready to jump headfirst back into the blogging world last month. I hate that I haven't been regularly posting for two months, but there's not a lot I can do about it now. Since I posted last, I have been trying to catch up on my couponing pile. Yes, pile! I should have taken a picture of it. Really, I had around 80 coupon inserts to get through. I did get them all clipped on Friday, just in time for this weeks papers. I have to send out a big thank you to our neighbor who has been giving us extra inserts. I had 30 from the last two weeks alone! I was also able to get some shopping done at the end of last week and over the weekend. I have some great pictures to post and some awesome deals to share that are still going on. I can't promise I will have them all up tonight, but I will try. (Otherwise, look for them tomorrow.) I also have to give an update on our $40 challenge. (you can find my original post here.) We have been sticking to the $40 a week. And doing it pretty well. I can't vouch for the end of January, because I didn't go over our reciepts yet (if anything, it is under our budget), but since the beginning of February, I have been adding $40 to the envelope. We did let it build up for 2 or 3 weeks and did a grocery trip mid February. We then let it build up again the last two weeks in order to do this weeks shopping. (We ended up with about $110 for this past weekend. $30 from last week, $40 from this week and we used next week's $40 since we won't be home to do any shopping. I won't be adding money this Thursday, I will wait until next Thursday.
Sorry for such a long and babbling post, but I am still here, just going slow at the moment. Thanks for sticking around!!