Thursday, March 12, 2009

How To Shop

How to shop? Sounds funny, huh? What I mean is how to coupon. When I started this blog, I was just excited to track my own shopping expenses and watch how much I could get for how little. I figured that as I got better at finding deals, my cost of shopping would go way down. And it has! What I didn't realize when I started blogging was how much I would enjoy it. I love reading other blogs, and I really do like posting on this one, it just doesn't happen all the time. I had hoped that by the time I figured out how to get the best deals at every store, that I would sit and write a how to post (like How to CVS.) I think at this point, I have figured out what works best for me and I am able to explain it okay to others, but I don't think I would really get the point across. So, I know some of you are just starting your own frugal journey or maybe you have been for a while already, but I would like to link you to Hip2Save's how to posts. I think she does a wonderful job explaining how to get the deals to work for you.

How to Shop CVS here
How to Shop Walgreens here and then here

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