Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Don't forget!! Cheap Ice Cream Tonight Only!!

Tonight only!! From 5 til 10 PM! 31 cent scoops!! You can read more info here. I would recommend calling ahead to make sure your nearest Baskin Robbins is participating.

I love JCPenney!!

I love JCPenney!! I think they have the best doorbusters, and it seems that everytime I need something and am dreading trying to find a good price on it, Penney's has a big sale shortly after that. I have to say, I also have been very impressed with their customer service! For me, that's a big plus!! The last time I shopped when they had coupons off for $10 off $50 or $15 off $75. I was only trying to use the $15 as I had a lot of stuff that I was purchasing. The cashier explained to me that the coupons will take off percentages of each iem, so that it totals at $15 and then proceeded to use BOTH coupons, saving me $25!! (Your milage may vary on this though, I don't think all cashiers would be willing to do this.) I have also found that I have never had problems returning anything, EVER! Even online orders or catalog orders. I placed an order online over the weekend, and even got a phone call just to thank me for ordering and to let me know when the item will be shipped. I just want to give credit to my favorite department store for a job well done!!

JCP Deals:
$10 off $10 code: MOMSGR8
Checkout the Wednesday clearance deals here.
Big sale this weekend!! Preview here.

Make sure you shop through ebates for 4% back!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blog Break Last Week

Sorry for the lack of posts last week. Unfortunately, my uncle passed away last weekend and I spent last week with my family. As I'm sure you all understand, I will be slow getting back on a blogging schedule. Since I have been back home, I am catching up on other things and blogging is just not top priority. But I hope to get some shopping done by the end of this week, and post some deals when I'm done. Until then, check out this weeks deals from Hip2Save:

CVS here
WAGS here

100th Post Giveaway!!!!!

I can't believe this is post number 100!! I have been frugally shopping now for 7 months, and I can't believe how much I have learned. I'm also really excited about what I've been able to share with other people, so to continue that, I have a $10 Walgreens gift card to give away to one lucky reader.
Rules to enter: Just leave a comment on this post. Please leave an email address or website so I can contact you. One entry per person please.
Deadline to enter is 5/7. The winner will be chosen via and posted on 5/8.
The winner will have 48 hours to respond, or another winner will be chosen.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Great Deal on a Hair Straightener

If anyone is in need of a hair straightener, this is a great deal!! Originally $170, you can get it for $15 Shipped!! Just click here and add it to your shopping bag. It is priced at 19.95, but if you enter the code SEXY10, it takes an additional $10 off!! You will need to pay shipping, around 5 or 6 dollars. Also, if you shop through Ebates you will get an additional 6% back. Free to sign up here!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

This week's Jewel Deals

By Thursday, I STILL haven't opened my inserts or ads from Sunday. I also didn't open the grocery ads that came in the mail on Tuesday, BUT Faithfully Frugal has a post of some Jewel highlights here. Check it out.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

4/5 - 4/11 Weekly Deals

Since it's Tuesday and I still haven't opened my ads, I thought I would at lease post links to someone else's deals. Better that than me posting it on Friday, right?

Check out CVS delas here.

Check out Walgreens deals here.

Saturday Shopping

Jewel Trip:
Items : 18
Regular Price: 57.57
OOP: 17.00
Savings: 70%

I di try to get the Wheat Thins, but they were all sold out of the Artisan flavors. (This is what the BOGO Q specifies.) So I got a rain check, and we'll see what happens when I try it.

Walgreens Trip
Items : 11
Regular Price: 16.39
OOP: .25
Savings: 98%
RR Left: 2.00

I didn't have to use any RR. Walgreens has Mento gum on sale for 1.00 (only when you buy 2 or more) and I used 11 1.00 off coupons from 3/1. *I believe this is a monthly deal, so you can still get yours!*

We also did a little bit of clothes shopping at Sears on Saturday. They were having a huge clearance sale. (We actually didn't know this, we were just killing some time and decided to go into Sears. I also think this sale runs for another week.) They had an extra 30 %off all clearance items. We walked out of the store with 10 items, originally $422.98!! We only paid $88.86 (8.26 in tax). Still, that's 70% off. We each got a couple of things, plus I was able to snag a birthday present and a Christmas present out of the trip. (Not presents for me.) Here's a picture of Brian modeling some of his new stuff. The jacket he got originally cost 100.00, more than what we paid for all 10 items!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friday Shopping

Jewel Trip:
Items : 18
Regular Price: 57.57
OOP: 17.00
Savings: 70%

I got the Smart balance tubs for 2.00 each, they're on sale for 2.50 and you can use the 1.00 off 2 from the 2/1. Then I stacked these with the Buy one tub, get one butter blends sticks free coupon from 3/1 to get 4 packages of sticks for free. Super Pretzels are on sale BOGO @ 3.59. Use the .75 coupon from 2/22 or 3/15. Make sure you use one coupon for each one you buy (even the free one!) I also had one more free gum coupon from 3/15. I did plan on buying some more super pretzles. We LOVE these and with the coupons they were only 2.09 for 2 boxes! But I snagged the last three boxes, so I grabbed a rain check good through the end of the month. Also, I didn't bring all my coupons with me, but Wheat Thins are BOGO and there is a BOGO Q from 3/15. This sale is going through April 15th, so I will be heading back there for some wheat thins. I have never tried to use a BOGO Q with a BOGO sale, but I have heard that you will get both items for free! (You do pay tax, of course.) So I think I may go do this today or tomorrow and I will update when I get home.

Coupon Geek has a list of Jewel deals here.

Walgreens Trip:
Items : 4
Regular Price: 17.96
OOP: .58
Savings: 97%
RR Left: 2.00

My subtotal was zero!! All I paid was .58 in tax!!! I used the 2.50 off equal coupons from 1/4. These expire today, so if you have them, go use them for some free equal! Plus I used my free softsoap coupon I earner earlier this week.

Friday, April 3, 2009

CVS Trip This Week

From this trip:
Items : 14
Regular Price: 59.47
OOP: 5.06
Savings: 91%
ECB Left: 17.98

I used 7.99 EDB and got back 9.99, plus the 7.99 I didn't use. Also, I will send in the rebate on the Organix shampoo, so there's another 4.99.
I wasn't very excited about these deals this week, but I wanted to use a 5.00 off 30.00 coupon that expired on Monday. (You can use those before all your other coupons!)

Check out all of this weeks deals here.

March End CVS Totals:
Items : 90
Regular Price: 274.82
OOP: 65.81
Savings: 76%
ECB Left: 17.98

All March Shopping:
Items: 264
Regular Price: 682.40
OOP: 203.51
Savings: 70%

Plus: 2.00 RR, 1 FREE softsoap body wash, 17.98 ECB, and 4.99 MIR.

A bit more OOP than I would like, but it's so great to see this improvement from just a few months ago. We are all stocked up on cereal, coffeemate, pasta, and some other everyday needs. April should be a much lighter shopping month. This is only 6 months after I learned how to shop the smart way, and although it takes some time, and I am not always on top of everything, it is so great to have the freezer, fridge, and pantry all stocked up!

WAGS Trip This Week

From this trip:
Items : 34
Regular Price: 74.86
OOP: 7.49
Savings: 90%
RR Left: 2.00 plus a free Softsoap Body wash

Pretty good! I used 18.00 in RR that I had saved up from last week, and earned back 2.00 for next week. At any of the Walgreens near me, if you use RR then none will print. So I always do one transaction for everything that doesn't give me RR and use last weeks. Then I do another transaction for this week's RR.

Some freebies from this trip:
Equal: on sale for 2.50, use 2.50 from 1/4
Reynold's Wrap: use WAGS Q for .89, and use 1.00 off from 2/8. (MONEYMAKER)
Reese's: Free hershey's bar with 20 oz. Coke product.
Gum: with FREE coupon from 3/15.
Chapstick: 1.99 with 1.99 RR

Check out all other deals here.

March End Walgreens Totals: (This is without my trip from Spring Break)
Items : 99
Regular Price: 205.84
OOP: 62.49
Savings: 70%
RR Left: 2.00 plus FREE softsoap body wash

Here's the pic of the bottom of my receipt from the first transaction. LOVE IT!

Weekly Grocery Trip

*Not a great picture, but I was really trying to get everything in*

I did this trip on Monday, so some deals have expired, but there are a few still going on.

Items : 45
Regular Price: 91.52
OOP: 44.14
Savings: 52%

Not as great as last time, but still more than half of what it would normally have been. That's generally my goal when shopping. I stick to my budget, stick to my list (for the most part), and try to aim for 50% savings or more.

Some highlights:
Activia Yogurt normally 2.95, on sale for 2.00, less 1.00 coupon = FINAL COST 1.00
Del Monte fruit cups normally 1.85, on sale for 1.00, less 1.00 coupon = FINAL COST FREE!!
Wrigley's gum 1.25 less free item coupon = FREE GUM!

You can still get the gum if you have the coupon from 3/15.
DelMonte fruit cups are still on sale use coupon from 3/1.

March End Grocery Totals:
Items : 75
Regular Price: 201.74
OOP: 75.21
Savings: 63%

Not bad!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Break Last Week

So sorry I didn't get any posting done last week. I spent my spring break at my mom's and while I thought I would get quite a bit of blogging done, I was busier than I thought. Plus, I got sick. So of course, nothing got done. I did a little shopping while I was there, however. I thought it was a great opportunity to see how well I could get WalMart deals and Dollar General deals. I was disappointed in both trips. I didn't find ANYthing at dollar general, and I spent way too much time in walmart. So, I think I will stick to my favorites. I did have one really good Walgreens trip while visiting. I walked out of the store paying 4.00 and saving 65.00!! I also did some shopping this week since I've been back home, and hpe to get that posted tonight or tomorrow.

Also, big coupon wekkend coming up!! This Sunday will have 5 inserts! Yes, 5!! It looks like we will be getting 4 papers. Hip2Save has the info here.

I will be looking over the Jewel ad that I got yesterday and finding some good deals to be posted tomorrow!

Here's the bottom of my Walgreen's reciept from my trip home.