Friday, April 3, 2009

CVS Trip This Week

From this trip:
Items : 14
Regular Price: 59.47
OOP: 5.06
Savings: 91%
ECB Left: 17.98

I used 7.99 EDB and got back 9.99, plus the 7.99 I didn't use. Also, I will send in the rebate on the Organix shampoo, so there's another 4.99.
I wasn't very excited about these deals this week, but I wanted to use a 5.00 off 30.00 coupon that expired on Monday. (You can use those before all your other coupons!)

Check out all of this weeks deals here.

March End CVS Totals:
Items : 90
Regular Price: 274.82
OOP: 65.81
Savings: 76%
ECB Left: 17.98

All March Shopping:
Items: 264
Regular Price: 682.40
OOP: 203.51
Savings: 70%

Plus: 2.00 RR, 1 FREE softsoap body wash, 17.98 ECB, and 4.99 MIR.

A bit more OOP than I would like, but it's so great to see this improvement from just a few months ago. We are all stocked up on cereal, coffeemate, pasta, and some other everyday needs. April should be a much lighter shopping month. This is only 6 months after I learned how to shop the smart way, and although it takes some time, and I am not always on top of everything, it is so great to have the freezer, fridge, and pantry all stocked up!

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