Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Saturday Shopping

Jewel Trip:
Items : 18
Regular Price: 57.57
OOP: 17.00
Savings: 70%

I di try to get the Wheat Thins, but they were all sold out of the Artisan flavors. (This is what the BOGO Q specifies.) So I got a rain check, and we'll see what happens when I try it.

Walgreens Trip
Items : 11
Regular Price: 16.39
OOP: .25
Savings: 98%
RR Left: 2.00

I didn't have to use any RR. Walgreens has Mento gum on sale for 1.00 (only when you buy 2 or more) and I used 11 1.00 off coupons from 3/1. *I believe this is a monthly deal, so you can still get yours!*

We also did a little bit of clothes shopping at Sears on Saturday. They were having a huge clearance sale. (We actually didn't know this, we were just killing some time and decided to go into Sears. I also think this sale runs for another week.) They had an extra 30 %off all clearance items. We walked out of the store with 10 items, originally $422.98!! We only paid $88.86 (8.26 in tax). Still, that's 70% off. We each got a couple of things, plus I was able to snag a birthday present and a Christmas present out of the trip. (Not presents for me.) Here's a picture of Brian modeling some of his new stuff. The jacket he got originally cost 100.00, more than what we paid for all 10 items!!

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