Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friday Shopping

Jewel Trip:
Items : 18
Regular Price: 57.57
OOP: 17.00
Savings: 70%

I got the Smart balance tubs for 2.00 each, they're on sale for 2.50 and you can use the 1.00 off 2 from the 2/1. Then I stacked these with the Buy one tub, get one butter blends sticks free coupon from 3/1 to get 4 packages of sticks for free. Super Pretzels are on sale BOGO @ 3.59. Use the .75 coupon from 2/22 or 3/15. Make sure you use one coupon for each one you buy (even the free one!) I also had one more free gum coupon from 3/15. I did plan on buying some more super pretzles. We LOVE these and with the coupons they were only 2.09 for 2 boxes! But I snagged the last three boxes, so I grabbed a rain check good through the end of the month. Also, I didn't bring all my coupons with me, but Wheat Thins are BOGO and there is a BOGO Q from 3/15. This sale is going through April 15th, so I will be heading back there for some wheat thins. I have never tried to use a BOGO Q with a BOGO sale, but I have heard that you will get both items for free! (You do pay tax, of course.) So I think I may go do this today or tomorrow and I will update when I get home.

Coupon Geek has a list of Jewel deals here.

Walgreens Trip:
Items : 4
Regular Price: 17.96
OOP: .58
Savings: 97%
RR Left: 2.00

My subtotal was zero!! All I paid was .58 in tax!!! I used the 2.50 off equal coupons from 1/4. These expire today, so if you have them, go use them for some free equal! Plus I used my free softsoap coupon I earner earlier this week.

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