Friday, April 3, 2009

Weekly Grocery Trip

*Not a great picture, but I was really trying to get everything in*

I did this trip on Monday, so some deals have expired, but there are a few still going on.

Items : 45
Regular Price: 91.52
OOP: 44.14
Savings: 52%

Not as great as last time, but still more than half of what it would normally have been. That's generally my goal when shopping. I stick to my budget, stick to my list (for the most part), and try to aim for 50% savings or more.

Some highlights:
Activia Yogurt normally 2.95, on sale for 2.00, less 1.00 coupon = FINAL COST 1.00
Del Monte fruit cups normally 1.85, on sale for 1.00, less 1.00 coupon = FINAL COST FREE!!
Wrigley's gum 1.25 less free item coupon = FREE GUM!

You can still get the gum if you have the coupon from 3/15.
DelMonte fruit cups are still on sale use coupon from 3/1.

March End Grocery Totals:
Items : 75
Regular Price: 201.74
OOP: 75.21
Savings: 63%

Not bad!

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