Thursday, November 13, 2008

CVS Trip 11/13

Awesome trip tonight! I got a $4 off $20 in my email and decided this would be fun! With these type of coupons from CVS, it can used before other coupons and ECB. So your total must be $20 or more, use this, then however many ECB you need to use, then all your other coupons. Here's what we got tonight:

2 boxes Kellogg's Corn Pops
8.78 - 4.78 sale - (2) 1.00 man Q here = 2.00 (1.00 each)
8 Blade Energy drinks
15.92 - (8) 2.00 CVS Q from beauty book (she let 2 ring up at 2.00, then adjusted the rest to 1.99) = .02 profit!
2 small bags of chips (couldn't find anything else to add, and really wanted some chips)
2 can of refried beans (somehow did not make it into the picture)

Total before savings: 28.68
Total after savings: 3.67 (5.29 with tax) (used 1.00 ECB and 4.00 off of 20.00 , so .29 OOP) OOP with tax this time. It was FREE without tax, our coupons just ate into the tax amount!
Saved: 28.39......99%


All You Mag Giveaway

Here's a great Giveaway! a 2 year subscription to All You Magazine. If you don't know, All You is full of great coupons. Even if you already get this, you can get a double subscription. Go here to enter. Thanks for the tip Thrifty Mama!

Some Great Trips This Week

Okay, I gotta put up a few of our trips this week. As usual, we have been making really small trips pretty much everyday this week. Okay, I have gone to Walgreens once and we have gone to CVS 3 times and are planning on going again tonight. I think at this point we are excited about all the deals. We also justify it by getting exercise walking and getting out of the house for a bit. I think pretty soon we will be going once a week and getting everything we plan on and that's it. At that point, we will need to spend more OOP, but we will really get a jump on our ECB.

CVS Trips:
Monday Night:

On My CVS Card:
1 Palmolive Dish Soap
1.59 - .10 sale = 1.49
1 Garnier Fructis Styler
4.49 - 1.50 sale - 1.00 man Q (from 11/9 insert) = 1.99
4 Peanuts Halloween Notepads
5.96 - 5.36 clearance = .60 (.15 each)

Total before discounts: 12.04
Total after savings: 4.08 OOP, this is without tax (I never put the tax in because I know how ridiculous our rate is and its very different in other places)
Saved: 7.69......66%
Got Back: 2.00 ECB on the Garnier and 1.00 ECB on the Palmolive

Brian's CVS Card:
1 Palmolive Dish Soap
1.59 - .10 sale = 1.49
1 Garnier Fructis Styler
4.49 - 1.50 sale - 1.00 man Q (from the 11/9 insert) = 1.99
1 Peanuts Halloween Notepad
1.49 - 1.34 clearance = .15

Total before savings: 7.57
Total after savings: 3.63 (used 3.49 ECB, so .14 OOP) this is without tax
Saved: 7.43......98%
Got Back: 2.00 ECB on the Garnier and 1.00 ECB on the Palmolive

Tuesday Night:

On My CVS Card:
3 Palmolive Dish Soap
4.77 - .30 sale = 4.47

Total before discounts: 4.77
Total after savings: 4.47 (used 3.00 ECB, so 1.47 oop) this is without tax
Saved: 3.30......69%
Got Back: 3.00 ECB on the Palmolive

On Brian's CVS card:
2 Palmolive Dish Soap
3.18 - .20 sale = 2.98
1 Bic Comfort 3 Advanced Razors (we had a rain check from 2 weeks ago)
5.89 - .90 sale - 4.00 ECB price adjust from rain check - .96 man Q (from inside the last box we bought, and she adjusted this Q from 1.00 to .96, not sure why, I didn't notice til now) = .03
1 Blade energy drink
1.99 - 2.00 CVS Q (found in the beauty book coupon insert that is found in store) = .01 profit!

Total before discounts: 11.06
Total after savings: 3.00 ( used 3.00 ECB, so FREE oop) this is without tax, we only paid tax on this one! 26 cents!!
Saved: 11.06......100%
Got Back: 2.00 ECB on the Palmolive

Wednesday Night Trip:

My CVS card:
2 boxes Corn Pops
8.78 - 4.78 sale - (2) 1.00 man Q here = 2.00 (1.00 each)
1 Palmolive dish soap (surprise!)
1.59 - .10 sale = 1.49
1 Package RainBlo Halloween Bubble Gum
.99 - .90 clearance = .09

Total before discounts: 11.36
Total after discounts: 3.58 (used 3.00 ECB, so .58 oop) this is without tax
Saved: 10.78......95%
Got Back: 1.00 ECB on the Palmolive

Brian's CVS Card:
4 Blade energy drinks
7.96 - (4) 2.00 CVS Q = .04 profit!
3 Halloween nerd ropes
2.97 - 2.70 clearance = .27
1 box Swedish Fish
1.00 - .91 clearance = .09

Total before discounts: 11.93
Total after discounts: .32 oop, this is without tax (our tax was only .01!)
Saved: 11.61......97%

I forgot about the Walgreens trip:
2 Glade Air Freshners
3.98 - 2.00 WAGS Q - BOGO man Q (from 11/2 insert) = .99 for 2
2 Coffee Mate
4.98 - WAGS BOGO Q - (2) 1.00 man Q here = .49 for 2

Total before discounts: 8.96
Total after savings: 1.48 oop this is without tax
Saved: 7.21.....80%

No picture of this one sorry.

$5 off $20 at Walgreens this Friday and Saturday

This Friday and Saturday only there is a $5 off of $20 or more coupon. Only at, I tried for a direct link and this should work out. Let me know if you have any problems. Your total must be 2$0 after all other coupons and before taxes so plan carefully. I am not planning on using this, but some good options are to use it on the free after rebate items from this months easy saver.

*Update: the direct link doesn't work it brings you to the same place. You can click on either link and then click on Walgreens on the left. This will put the Walgreens coupon at the top of the list. "Clip" it and print or browse through the rest and clip any you need.*

CVS deals 11/9-11/15

Okay, now onto CVS....
If you don't have a CVS card, get one! free sign up and the only way you will be able to take advantage of everything at CVS.

Glaceau Smart Water 1.59 LIMIT 1
- 1.59 ECB
= FREE (1.59 OOP)

Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner, or Styler 2.99 LIMIT 1
- 1.00 man Q (11/9 insert)
- 2.00 ECB
= .01 profit! (1.99 OOP)

Palmolive Dish Soap 1.49 LIMIT 5
- .25/1 (10/26 insert)
- 1.00 ECB
= .24 (1.24 OOP)

3 12 packs Pepsi, Mountain Dew, or Dr. Pepper 3/$10
- 2.00 ECB
= 3/$8 (10.00 OOP)

Altoids BOGO @ 1.99
- (2) 1.00/1 peelies found right on the Altoids
= .01 profit!

Glade Air Freshener Spray .99
- BOGO man Q (10/12 insert)
= .99 for 2

Spend $15 on select Garnier Fructis products and receive $5.00 ECB
- 1.00 man Q (11/9 insert) use as many Qs as produsts to get the best deal

Neutrogena MoistureSine Soothing Lipshears 5.99 LIMIT 1
- 1.00 man Q here
- 3.00 ECB
= 1.99, OOP: 4.99

Any Rimmel Mascara 6.99 LIMIT 1
- 1.00 man Q (9/14 insert)
- 4.00 ECB
= 1.99, OOP: 5.99

Listerine Agent Cool Blue Tinting Rinse 3.99 LIMIT 5
- 1.00 man Q here
- 1.00 CVS Q from the CVS Diabetes book found in store (at mine, it was by the front registers)
- 3.00 ECB
= 1.01 profit!!! OOP: 1.99

Kelloggs cereal (Rice Krispies, Apple Jacks, Fruit Loops, Corn Flakes, Corn Pops, and Raisin Bran) 2/$4
- 1.00 man Q (11/9 insert) Becareful: check the specific sizes and items on Q OR
- 1.00 man Q here
use 1 Q for each item
= 2/$2

These are the ones I think are good deals. Parts of this list are helped from The Thrifty Mama and I heart CVS. Thanks so much!

Some Great Deals This Week

So my attempt to figure out the best deals of the week didn't really happen the way I wanted it to. Okay, it didn't happen at all. School has been especially time consuming this week. Again, I will try to do some matchups when we get the paper this weekend, but I won't be home for some of the time and I'm not sure I will get it all done. I'm hoping just maybe I can have it done by Monday, but let's plan on Tuesday. I did want to share some of the best deals this week before the week is past us, and share what I got this week. (I did this with some help from The Thrifty Mama! Thanks!)

Walgreens 11/9-11/15

2 bags Hersheys miniatures (special dark chocolate) 2/$4
- 1.00 ESQ
- (2) 1.00 man Q (11/9 insert)
= 1.00 for 2 bags
*I have not been able to find the dark chocolate, going to try another store, hope you have better luck*

5 lb. bag Domino Sugar 1.99 with WAGS Q
- .50 man Q (10/12 insert)
= 1.49 each

Libby's 100% Pure Pumpkin .99 with WAGS Q
- 1.00/2 man Q here
= .98 for 2

Coffee Mate Liquid 2.49
- (2) 1.00/1 man Q here
= .49 for 2

Betty Crocker Frosting .99 with WAGS Q
- .55 man Q here
= .44 each

Glade Air Freshner Spray .99 with WAGS Q
- BOGO man Q (11/2 insert)
= .99 for 2
(there are plenty of glade coupons out there, I just used this one)

Reach Toothbrush .99 with WAGS Q
- BOGO (10/12 insert)
= .99 for 2

Progresso Soup 4/$5 with WAGS Q
- 1.10/1 man Q here
= .15 each!
(you will need to print 4 of these, 2 from 2 different computers)

I think those are the best deals this week, there are some Register Rewards deals going on, but I haven't quite gotten the hang of these compared with the CVS ECB. Just a warning, some stores will not print the register rewards if you use a man. Q with the items. I have not run into this at mine, but be ready. Personally, I will just ask if I can return them if this happens, but it's your call. Here's some register reward deals this week:

2 Kotex Products (Tampons, Maxi Pads, or Pantiliners) 2/$6
- (2) 1.00 /1 man Q here
- 1.00 RR
= 2/$3, OOP: 2/$4

Buy Three or more, get $5 RR: (if you are doing up to 6, do two separate transactions to get $10, and remember: the RR from your first transaction can not be used on the second. RR cannot be used on products from the same company)

Lactaid Fast Act 9.99
-1.00 man Q (10/5 insert)
= 8.99

Pepcid AC Maximum Strength 9.99
-1.00 man Q here
= 8.99

Imodium Multi Symptom Relief 9.99
-2.oo man Q (9/7 insert)
= 7.99

Tylenol Allergy, Cold & Sinus 4.99
-1.00 man Q (9/28 insert)
= 3.99

Sudafed PE 3.99
-1.00/1 man Q here
= 2.99

Sudacare or Shower Soothers 3.99
-1.50 man Q (10/5 insert)
= 2.49

Zyrtec Allergy Relief 18.99
-4.00/1 man Q (10/12 insert) OR
-2.00/1 man Q here
= 14.99 OR 16.99

Benadryl 6.99
-1.00/1 man Q here
= 5.99

Tylenol PM 7.49
-1.00/1 man Q (10/5 insert)
= 6.49

Tylenol Extra Strength Rapid Release Gels 7.49
-2.00/1 man Q )9/14 insert)
= 5.49

Kelloggs RR:
4 boxes of select Kelloggs cereal (includes Raisin Bran, Special K, Smart Start, and Frosted Mini Wheats) 4/$10
- (4) 1.00 man Q here
- 2.00 RR
= 4/$4, OOP: 4/$6

This is all I have come up with. There are also the free after rebate items from the ESC:
These are good for the whole month (until 11/22), not just this week.

L'oreal age perfect pro-calcium radiance perfector up to $19.99
-2.00 WAGS Q (from 10/5 insert, NOT the WAGS ad)
-1.00 man Q here
= FREE plus overage!!
(remember if you choose to get your rebate on a WAGS Gift Card, you will get an additional 10% back)

Almay one coat mascara 6.99
- 1.00/1 man Q (10/12 insert)
= FREE plus overage!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our Jewel Trip Last Night

So we sort of stuck to our plan.....We went to Jewel and got the $30 deal so we could get the $15 back. We also were on the lookout for other great deals that we could use with one of the $5 coupons. Unfortunately, they were out of the Butterball turkey I was hoping to get so we just made a couple of other buys. We rang up in 4 separate transactions and everything went flawlessly. What I learned: at that Jewel they do not need to put in all of your coupons in the self check out! The coupon will scan and then you put it in the slot. This was so great because I know that I have real coupons and no internet fakes and I hate feeling like I am holding up a line or driving the cashier crazy when I hand over my stack of coupons. So here's a breakdown of what we got:
Transaction 1:
2 Wishbone Bountifuls Salad Dressing (I had an internet coupon, but when I tried to link it, the offer is gone. Sorry)
7.18 - 3.84 sale - (2) 1.00 man Q = 1.34 (.67 each)
4 Better Crocker Bagged Cookie Mixes (coupon)
10.76 - 4.10 sale - (4) .75 man Q = 3.66 (.91-.92 each)
3 Betty Crocker Frosting Tubs (print with the cookies)
6.27 - 1.26 sale -(3) .55 man Q = 3.36 (1.12 each)
1 Knorr Sides Plus Veggies (coupon)
2.75 - 1.08 sale - .60 man Q = 1.07
7 Betty Crocker Potatoes (print with other Betty Crocker)
19.03 - 9.03 sale - (7) .40 man Q = 4.20 (.60 each)
6 Green Giant Boxed veggies (print with Betty Crocker)
14.40 - 8.40 sale - (3) 1.00/2 man Q = 3.00 (.50 each)
1 Vaseline Lotion (had a coupon from the paper last week)
3.49 - .99 sale - 1.25 man Q = 1.25

Total before discounts: 60.88
Total after discounts: 17.88oop this is without tax
Saved: 43.00......71%
Got Back: 3 5.00 Jewel coupons (these have no limitations except they cannot be used together)

Transaction 2:
1 Bag Tyson Chicken Strips (had a newspaper Q...not sure from when, sometime in Oct. Sorry)
9.99 - 2.00 sale - 1.00 man Q = 6.99

Total before discounts: 9.99
Total after discounts: 6.99 (used 5.00 Jewel Q, so 1.99 oop) this is without tax
Saved: 8.00......80%

Transaction 3:
1 Box Presidents Choice Chicken Wings
8.99 - 3.00 sale = 5.99

Total before discounts: 8.99
Total after discounts: 5.99 (used 5.00 Jewel Q, so .99 oop) this is without tax
Saved: 8.00......89%

Transaction 4:
3 Progresso Soups (printed with Bettey Crocker)
8.55 - 5.58 sale - 1.00/3 man Q = 1.97 (.65-.66 each)
2 Pure Protein Bars (had a newspaper Q)
3.58 - 1.58 sale - 1.50/2 man Q = .50 (.25 each)
2 Bags of Doritos
7.98 - 3.99 BOGO sale = 3.99 (1.99 -2.00 each)

We only got the Doritos because we weren't up to 5.00 to use our Jewel Q and it was 10:30 so we just grabbed. I'm sure there were way better deals, but oh well.

Total before discounts: 20.11
Total after discounts: 6.46 (used 5.00 Jewel Q, so 1.46 oop) this is without tax
Saved: 18.65......93%

Our totals for the whole trip:
Total before discounts: 99.97
Total after discounts: 37.32 (used (3) 5.00 Jewel Q, so 22.32 oop) this is without tax (with tax: 23.76)
Saved: 77.65......78%
WOW! I can't believe it!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Jewel Deal...Good Today and Tomorrw

There is a special at Jewel that is only good until tomorrow. Buy $30 of the listed items and get $15 back. You can mix and match as many of the items as you'd like and as long as you spend $30 or more, you will get back 3 $5 coupons that can be used next time at Jewel. The catch is, you cannot use all three of the $5 coupons at once, only one at a time. plan is this: I will be going to Jewel tonight and buying $30 of these items. Then, using my coupons, I will knock that $30 down to under 20 (I'm gonna try for 15, but we'll see.) And once I finish, I will turn around and do three more transactions for meat and maybe something else not included if I can find some good deals tonight. A good $5 option is the Butter ball ground turkey. It's on sale for 2/$7 and there are 1.00 coupons here. I know it says .55, but it's printing 1.00. Make sure to click the back button and print two. (Mine actually let me print six, usually its only yay!) You may have to hit back like five times. Anyways, if you use two of these then it's 2 for 5.00 minus your 5.00 Jewel coupon and all you pay is tax!
Here's a list of the items offered for the $30 deal:
Some of the printable sites require you to sign up. If you do, I would recommend using a new email address in case of spam. I have gmail and I don't get a lot, or else it filters for me, but you can always create a new yahoo or whatever. Also, some Jewel stores are particular about Internet coupons. One by me won't take them at all. The other will, but certain ones get rejected. Also, it depends on the cashier. I called ahead to ask and then decided to try it. I still run into some minor problems though. Just a patient and friendly.

10/$10 Items
~Knorr Pasta or Rice Sides
~Betty Crocker Potatoes (Can print coupons here and here)
~Lipton Recipe Secrets Mixes
~Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables (here and here)
~Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Cups (Some Qs in the paper a few weeks ago)
~Slim-Fast Meal Bars or High Protein Meal Bars
~Betty Crocker Cake Mix (print with the potatoes and green giant veggies)

6/$10 Items
~Ragu Pasta Sauce
~Wish Bone Salad Dressing, Salad Spritzers or Bountifuls Dressing
~Knorr Sides Plus Veggies
~Traditional Progresso Soup
~Progresso Broth
~Betty Crocker Brownie Mix
~Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
~Hamburger, Tuna or Chicken Helper
~Betty Crocker Frosting
~Bisquick Shake 'n Pour Pancake Mix
~Suave Professionals Shampoo or Conditioner
~Suave for Kids 2-in-1 Shampoo
~Suave Professionals Styling Products
~Suave Invisible Solid Anti-Perspirant Deodorant
~Suave Body Wash

4/$10 Items
~Pillsbury Toaster Strudel
~Gold Medal Flour
~Pop Secret Popcorn
~Cheerios, Chex, Chex Select, Gardetto's or Bugles Snack Mix
~Pillsbury Cookie Dough Ready to Bake!
~Lipton Iced Tea to Go
~Country Crock Spread
~Spreadable Butter Bowl
~Yoplait GoGurt, Trix or Kids Yogurt
~Skippy Peanut Butter
~Lipton or Pyramid Tea Bags
~Lipton Green Tea or Herbal Tea
~Q-tips Cotton Swabs
~Suave Lotion
~Vaseline Intenxive Car Lotion
~Dove or Degree Invisible Solid Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant
~Dove 2-pack Bar Soap
~General Mills Chex, Cheerios, Golden Grahams, Trix or Total Cereal

3/$10 Items
~Hellmann's Mayonnaise
~Romano's Macaroni Grill Entrees
~Klondike Bars
~All Laundry Detergent
~Breyers Ice Cream
~Totino's Pizza Rolls
~Country Crock Side Dishes
~Dove Shampoo or Conditioner
~Slim Fast Snack Bars

I have a few Qs that came in the paper and some I'm not sure what site I got them from, but I will keep searching and try to get them all up tonight....then you can run tomorrow if you'd like to use up this deal.

Free 8x10 Photo at Walgreens Through Saturday

If you go to the Walgreens Photo Website, and upload your photo, you can get one free 8x10 pic with the promo code FREEPIC. If you have it shipped to you, it will cost .12, but if you choose to pick it up, it is totally free. Pick up a frame from Target or Walmart (make sure you check out the clearance aisles) and this is an easy Christmas gift!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Razor Giveaway at WAGS!!!

Here's a great deal! In the clearance bin at my Walgreens, there were Bic Soleil Shimmer Razors and Refills for only 3.49. There is also a 3.00 coupon in the WAGS easysaver catalog, which will take 3.00 off each! Even with out any coupons from Sunday's paper, this is great! But if you still have coupons from Sunday (I had one 3.00 off a razor and one 1.00 off a cartridge found inside the razor I bought at Target), these will be money makers. We went tonight, dug through the clearance bin, and took all that we could find. I got 4 razors and 2 refills, and still had a 1.06 overage! We then cleared them out of 2 packs of Barbasol shaving cream that was marked for .99. I couldn't find a coupon for this but for 4 razors, 2 refills, and 5 2-packs of shaving cream we payed only 3.89 (without tax) and 6.54 (with our ridiculous 10.25% tax). We could have only done the razors and refills, but we needed some shaving cream and I was okay with this price.

Here's a breakdown of our trip:

4 Razors
27.96 - 14.00 clearance - 12.00 ESQ - 3.00 man Q = 1.04 profit
2 refills (4 packs)
13.98 - 7.00 clearance - 6.00 ESQ - 1.00 man Q = .02 profit
5 2-packs Shaving Cream
19.90 - 14.95 clearance = 4.95

Total before discounts: 61.84
Total after savings: 3.98 oop this is without tax
Saved: 57.95.....94%

Another Christmas Idea!

This is thanks to Money Saving Mom. You can see the post here.

This is great! On the Whole Foods website, they have recipes for Christmas gifts! Mixes and such that you can make at home and bag or jar for a wonderful homemade Christmas gift! They even have recipe cards you can print to go with them.
Whole Foods Recipe link here.

KB Toys coupon

I just heard about this one! Its a 20% off entire purchase plus $10 bonus bucks when you spend $30 or more! The 20% is only good on Nov. 9th from 5-6 p.m. Great coupon for Christmas toys!

KB Toys

Week Delay....

Sorry for the week off. It's just been a busy week. I have a few deals to share....

After clipping everything from Sunday's paper, Brian and I took a trip to Target. I have heard about this deal with Starbucks chocolate. Many Target stores have bars of Starbucks chocolate on clearance for very cheap (I have heard as low as 64 cents!!) There are tear pads of 1.00 off any Starbucks coupons at many grocery stores. I found mine at Jewel. I took a nice little stack of these coupons and wanted to check this out for possible stocking stuffers and other Christmas ideas. However, when I went to my Target, these were on clearance for 2.64 and I wasn't interested. But, while looking around I was able to get the Bic Soleil Razors and refills for only 1.50 each. (silly me, not really a good deal, but I was a little excited.) Both the razors and refills are on sale this week for 4.49 and there were 3.00 off coupons in Sundays paper. I also had a 3.00 Target coupon from corporate for a problem I had at a different store a few weeks ago. So, they ended up being free. But the good news: I saved one 3.00 coupon for the razor and inside the one razor I bought, there was a 1.00 off coupon for other refills.

I also made a CVS boo-boo this past week. I went with a list and ECB and everything and when they didn't have something, I got something else with coupons and got a great deal.....but I didn't get anything that gave me ECB back!!! So I had to basically start all over. I am planning on keeping track a lot better on here and trying to put up more deals than the ones I am getting, but as I am still learning, I would recommend checking out some other blogs also. I have a list of blogs that I love on the right. There are deals that I may miss or unadvertised deals that no one knew of. I will do my best to link to many online coupons and also keep track of what date newspaper coupons come from. Please be patient while I attempt this. I am also in the process of posting a beginners how-to post. I am hoping to have this done next week.