Thursday, November 6, 2008

Razor Giveaway at WAGS!!!

Here's a great deal! In the clearance bin at my Walgreens, there were Bic Soleil Shimmer Razors and Refills for only 3.49. There is also a 3.00 coupon in the WAGS easysaver catalog, which will take 3.00 off each! Even with out any coupons from Sunday's paper, this is great! But if you still have coupons from Sunday (I had one 3.00 off a razor and one 1.00 off a cartridge found inside the razor I bought at Target), these will be money makers. We went tonight, dug through the clearance bin, and took all that we could find. I got 4 razors and 2 refills, and still had a 1.06 overage! We then cleared them out of 2 packs of Barbasol shaving cream that was marked for .99. I couldn't find a coupon for this but for 4 razors, 2 refills, and 5 2-packs of shaving cream we payed only 3.89 (without tax) and 6.54 (with our ridiculous 10.25% tax). We could have only done the razors and refills, but we needed some shaving cream and I was okay with this price.

Here's a breakdown of our trip:

4 Razors
27.96 - 14.00 clearance - 12.00 ESQ - 3.00 man Q = 1.04 profit
2 refills (4 packs)
13.98 - 7.00 clearance - 6.00 ESQ - 1.00 man Q = .02 profit
5 2-packs Shaving Cream
19.90 - 14.95 clearance = 4.95

Total before discounts: 61.84
Total after savings: 3.98 oop this is without tax
Saved: 57.95.....94%

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Centsible Savings said...

Wow! That's awesome! I'll have to look for those tonight.