Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Break Last Week

So sorry I didn't get any posting done last week. I spent my spring break at my mom's and while I thought I would get quite a bit of blogging done, I was busier than I thought. Plus, I got sick. So of course, nothing got done. I did a little shopping while I was there, however. I thought it was a great opportunity to see how well I could get WalMart deals and Dollar General deals. I was disappointed in both trips. I didn't find ANYthing at dollar general, and I spent way too much time in walmart. So, I think I will stick to my favorites. I did have one really good Walgreens trip while visiting. I walked out of the store paying 4.00 and saving 65.00!! I also did some shopping this week since I've been back home, and hpe to get that posted tonight or tomorrow.

Also, big coupon wekkend coming up!! This Sunday will have 5 inserts! Yes, 5!! It looks like we will be getting 4 papers. Hip2Save has the info here.

I will be looking over the Jewel ad that I got yesterday and finding some good deals to be posted tomorrow!

Here's the bottom of my Walgreen's reciept from my trip home.


Christy Lee said...

Good shopping trip! I love finding deals. Email me at with your address so I can send your prize. Thanks!!

Rebecca said...

You are really doing great at shopping trips!