Thursday, March 12, 2009

March Grocery Savings

Here is the one major grocery trip we have made so far in March. the new ad for Jewel just started today, so I am hoping to go over it and get some Jewel deals posted. I just wanted to say that the cheese deal I did last week is still going on, but just until Sunday, March 15th. You can get 7 bags or bricks of Kraft cheese for just 1.00 after OYNO coupons. Check out all the details at Mummy Deal's post here. BTW, somehow I did this deal wrong and ended up paying 4.00 for 7 bags of cheese. If you're worried about buying more than you think you will use, remember: bags of cheese freeze really well. And in whatever shape you need to get them all into the freezer. I did the cheese deal twice, then bought the rest of my groceries using the 2 10.00 OYNO Qs.
My Jewel totals for March so far:
Items : 30
Regular Price: 110.22
OOP: 31.07
Savings: 72%

*Although I am supossed to be done shopping this week, I will be making one small trip tonight for cabbage and red potatoes. They just went on sale today and since Brian is 100% Irish, corned beef and cabbage is a nessecity for St. Patrick's Day!*

*UPDATE:* Kraft cheese deal should be working until 3/22. Thanks, Mummy Deals!

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