Monday, January 5, 2009

$40 Challenge

Brian and I are trying a new method for our shopping. I had been setting monthly goals for our shopping and we have been pretty good on ending the month right around our budget. Sometimes a little over and sometimes a little under. But we have not been keeping up with our budget throughout the month, just checking at the end of each month and then determining if we need to spend less or not.

So, we are going to try a new tactic. I am now taking $40 out of the bank each week and keeping this in an envelope along with my ECB and WAGS GC. This is it. All we get. $40 for groceries and our other shopping needs. Of course, special occasion shopping is different. Birthday presents and such will not come out of this envelope. I am hoping this will help us decide if its an item we really need or just something we want. Maybe next month, we will be able to cut on envelope to $30 a week. for now, we will be trying $40. I will be bringing a calculator with me always to help out in the store and get the best possible deals. We are hoping to go to Aldi once a month and then do other grocery shopping at Jewel for the rest of the month and make small trips here and there to CVS and Walgreens. I will keep posting how we are doing and feel free to join me with whatever amount works for you and your family.

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