Sunday, January 4, 2009

Some Success Stories from Last Week

I know I didn't post these as they happened, but I thought I would still share some since some deals are still attainable.

Jewel Success:
Not a great picture, but I had to use the counter instead of the table.

1 lb Johnsonville Italian Sausage REG: 3.99 SALE: 3.50
2 Packages Jennie-O Turkey Sausage Links REG: 4.29 SALE: 3.50
2 Packages Jennie-O Ground Turkey REG: 5.49
4 Tennessee Pride Sausage REG: 3.99 SALE: 2.50
2 Eckrich Sausage REG: 4.39 SALE: 3.00
1 Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce REG: 4.49
2 Johnsonville Bold Sausages REG: 3.99 SALE: 3.50
4 Holiday Glade Scented Oil Candle Holders REG: 3.49 CLEARANCE: 1.74
3 Imperial Spread Margarine REG: 1.50 SALE: 1.00
1 Package Jewel Hot Dog Buns REG: 1.99 SALE: 1.25
1 Box Clorox2 REG: 5.19

REG Total: 86.40
SALE Total: 65.37

-.75 Johnsonville Ground Sausage Q from insert (can't remember)
- .55 Tennessee Pride Q x4 from insert (can't remember)
-1.00/2 Eckrich Sausage Q from 11/2 Smartsource insert
-.55 Johnsonville Bold Sausage Q x2 from insert (can't remember)
- 2.00 Glade Candle Holder Blinkie Q x4 (You can use the 2.50 from the 12/07 Smartsource)
- 20.00 Jennie O turkey Q (I won this in a blog giveaway)
- 4.49 FREE Country Bob's Sauce Q here
- 5.19 FREE Clorox Q got this in the mail. I can't find a link for this now

Final Total: 22.64 and I paid with a gift card I got for Christmas, so OOP: NOTHING!

It looks like a lot of sausage, but...well, okay it IS a lot of sausage, but believe me, this will last us probably 6 months. I froze most of it and we will be using it to make all kinds of stuff. I'm not sure which of the Jewel deals will still be going on, just because not everything is advertised. If your store still has the glade candle holders, these are a great money maker. I found mine with the left over Christmas stuff. FYI, it doesn't have any candles with is, just the holder. I'm waiting for the candles to go on sale. I figured, even if I can't use them for a while, it was worth the overage.

CVS Success:

Brain's card bought:
3 boxes South Beach Bars REG: 3.99 SALE: 2.50
1 Blade Energy drink 4 pack REG: 4.99 SALE: 4.97
1 3 pack DVD Dual Layers REG: 9.99

REG Total: 26.95
SALE Total: 22.46

- 4.00/20.00 CVS Q
- 9.00 ECB
- 2.00 South Beach Q x3 here
- 1.00/2 South Beach CVS Q from Diabetes book found by Pharmacy

Final Total: 2.46 OOP
Got back: 2.00 ECB from Blade
The Blade deal is still active, I think for all of January.

My card bought:
1 Loreal Mascara REG: 7.49 CLEARANCE: 1.87
9 Sally Hansen Nail Polish REG: 2.69 CLEARANCE: 1.35
2 Dawn REG: 1.99 SALE: BOGO

REG Total: 35.68
SALE Total: 16.01

- 2.59 ECB
- .50 Dawn Q x2 from 12/14 P&G insert
- 3.00/2 Sally Hansen Nail Polish Q x4 from CVS Reinventing Beauty coupons found near the front of the store

Final Total: .42 OOP
CVS has a lot of Makeup on clearance, each one has a sticker on it, so check it out. I got all 9 nail polishes for only .15!

Walgreens Success:

2 Walgreens Reuseable bags REG: .99 SALE: .50
2 Breyers Ice Cream REG: 6.29 SALE: BOGO
2 Folgers 13 oz. REG: 4.99 SALE: 2.99
1 Monopoly Choc. Game REG: 9.99 CLEARANCE: 2.49
4 boxes Christmas cards REG: 3.99 CLEARANCE: .99
1 100 ct WAGS aspirin REG: .99
4 Bags Bagel Chips REG: 2.59 SALE: .99
8 Packages Christmas Gift Tags REG: .99 CLEARANCE: .24
14 Christmas Gift Bags REG: .25 CLEARANCE: .06
2 Lays Chips REG: 3.99 SALE: BOGO
4 Pepsi 12 packs REG: 3.99 SALE: 3.54
6 Christmas Wrapping Paper REG: 1.99 CLEARANCE: .49

REG Total: 109.14
SALE Total: 48.52

-3.54 buy 3, get 1 Pepsi Wags Q
- .99 FREE Wags Aspirin Wags Q (this was mailed to me, not sure why)
-.50 Folgers Q from 12/28 P&G insert
- .25 Folgers Q from 12/28 P&G insert
- 4.00 RR
- 5.00/20.00 WAGS Q (mailed with the aspirin Q)

Final Total: 34.24 OOP
The Christmas clearance was great! If you get all your stuff now at 75% off, you won't need to get any next year!

* I did a CVS run today and will post it tomorrow morning, I also should put up this weeks great deals at CVS and Walgreens tomorrow*

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