Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Favorite - Coupon Mom

One of my absolute favorite sites is! Actually, this is how I started on my whole coupon journey. I happened to be home one morning when Stephanie Nelson (aka Coupon Mom) was on Oprah. I watched the entire show and was fascinated at the video footage of Stephanie shopping at her local grocery store. She started with $100 dollars worth of groceries and cut it down to under $20!! It was truly amazing! That week, I jumped on her site, read her ebooks, checked out the forums, and learned so much about saving money! I highly recommend you check out this site whether you're a beginner or have been couponing for ages! I learned a lot from Stephanie and the members on the forum. My favorite feature on the site is the Grocery Coupon Database. You select your state, then search for a certain product and a list comes up of what week's insert your coupon is in. Super helpful! Check it out!

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