Friday, December 26, 2008

A Few Great After Christmas Deals...

I don't have any real plans for shopping, but I know a few stores that have some amazing deals going on right now. JCPenney has awesome sales this weekend. I went to the one near my mom's house this morning and got a lot of great stuff for an amazing discount. Close to 90% off! They have coupons right near the front door for $10 off $50 or more or $15 off $75 or more. The best part is: these coupons do not take off a strict dollar amount off the entire order, but instead they end up taking off a percentage of each item so that the discount ends up equaling 10 or 15. Since they ring this way, they are able to scan both coupons. We ended up getting $25 dollars off both purchases we made today! I'm not positive how long these coupons are good for, but I think it is just through tomorrow. Check out and you can print the coupons right from the website.

Another huge sale is at Bath and Body Works. This starts tomorrow and will last for at least a week. This is their Semi-Annual sale which happens in July and December. I went last year and got a few things, but I went in July and stocked up on a lot of big discounts. Their regular size lotions, body washes, and baody sprays were around $2 or $3 in July and I am assuming they will be the same this week. It was not all of their scents, only select ones, but I think in July it was around 30 different scants that were this cheap. It your in need for some Bath and Body Works, go check out your local store. They also have the online sale, but I prefer to smell everything first. It makes buying it more fun. LOL. You can stock up on some too, for birthdays thoughout the year and other gifts for various events.

I will try to post all my deals on here next week or so, maybe after the new year. I have some good trips to share and I need to get back on top of outlining CVS and Walgreens deals every week. I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday (whichever you celebrate) and wish everyone a Happy New Year!!

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