Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I think I spend too much time in front of the computer.....

So when I see someone with a list of giveaways on their blog, I tend to head over and enter any giveaways that I think I would enjoy or that someone I know would enjoy. The good news, I happen to win every so often. The bad news, I think I spend too much time here and not enough time taking care of other things.

One of my recent wins was:

Okay, so it's kind of a bad picture. But I won a $20.00 coupon (yes, that's right, I said $20.00!) off of Jennie O turkey! I am really excited about this! Actually, I was supposed to go grocery shopping today and I would have used this, but now it's snowing and I think that whole walking to the store thing can wait til tomorrow. Anyways.., Lori over at Moms By Heart gave me this wonderful giveaway and she threw in some extra coupons from her stash! How awesome! head on over and check out Moms By Heart. It's a great blog.
I also need to credit Lori for helping me find VistaPrint. You can get 250 business cards for FREE! All you pay is shipping. Might want to check this out if you have any need for business cards.

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